Campus Happenings

ABC Bayou staff welcomes Columbian Delegation to tour St. Rose Training Campus

left to right:
Annabelle Llanas (Pearson Qualifications Int'l), Ryan Wilder (NCCER), Chris Weber - ABC Director of Instruction & Facility Mgmt, Rodney Landry (Turner Industries), Angela Latino-Geier - ABC President/CEO, Boo Ragen (EXCEL), Claire Nettles - ABC Director of Workforce Development, and Alba Luz Amaya Gutierrez (Ecopetrol, S.A.)

Guests absent from photo:
Marta Lucia Ducon Fonseca (SENA: Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) and Kyle Condon (Landis Construction)

Event Photos
2014 EIC & Chapter Awards

2014 Golf Tournament