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2014 ABC Congressional Visits
Washington, D.C.

front row (l to r):
Paul Senac, John Walters, U.S. Senator Steve Scalise, Angela Latino-Geier, Fred McManus

back row (l to r):
Joel Thames, Michael Weiner, Michael Bush, Kyle Condon, Ryan Mouledous

ABC Bayou staff welcomes Columbian delegation to tour St. Rose Training Campus

left to right:
 Annabelle Llanas (Pearson Qualifications Int'l), Ryan Wilder (NCCER), Chris Weber - ABC Director of Instruction & Facility Mgmt, Rodney Landry (Turner Industries), Angela Latino-Geier - ABC President/CEO, Boo Ragen (EXCEL), Claire Nettles - ABC Director of Workforce Development, and Alba Luz Amaya Gutierrez (Ecopetrol, S.A.)

Guests absent from photo:
Marta Lucia Ducon Fonseca (SENA: Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje) and Kyle Condon (Landis Construction)

The Campus Expansion Master Plan is well underway!

For the latest details on Phase II construction, check out our campus expansion section.


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